I was talking to a friend last week and I asked him how many leads his Business Development Head was getting online each week and after a pause I was interested in his answer. His first response was “How many leads should you be getting from Social Media?”.

I replied with the more important question “How many do you want?”.

During the conversation he spoke about an online mentor and guru who spends over $1 million dollars on facebook ads per year and I laughed and said, for him that is perfect but for you right now you wouldn’t know what to do with the leads I would give you for that amount.

When we start working with a client the first thing we look at is what the business is doing currently, not just online but within and through the business. Questions needed to be answered include:

  1. Who are your clients?
  2. What is your sales process?
  3. Will your clients buy online or do you need to see them face-to-face?
  4. How much is the product that you are selling?
  5. How many salesman do you have that can sell the product effectively?
  6. How much can you deliver?

There are many ways to find clients online; from Google Adwords and SEO, to facebook, You Tube and Linked In. Once you know who your clients are, how they buy and your businesses processes a strategy can be set up that is tailored to your clients and your business.

For example:

  • Last week we booked over 30 appointments for a Business to Business consultant through Linked In in two days.
  • One of our clients was getting 7 to 10 jobs per week from facebook ads as a fireplace installer in Victoria during a heatwave.
  • Another client educated 80 percent of a country in Asia on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Of course in some cases such as that of my friend you might have various types of clients for the business and you need to pursue different strategies for each one. In his case Linked In to attract Business Owners and Corporate Executives, facebook for new clients, You Tube for his educational products and to increase exposure.

Regardless the first step is working out the right strategy for you. Don’t go and spend $1 million dollars in facebook ads before you have a system that can handle the people reaching for your services afterward.   

Keep Roaring

Greg Paul

Managing Director

White Tiger Promotions

(C) White Tiger Promotions 2018

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